Our Approach

Prudent downside protection

Downside protection is central to our investment philosophy. We offer capital protection* through partnerships with globally recognised banking institutions who issue and underwrite our structured products. Our unique propositions also include innovative structures designed to transfer risk away from our investors to other counterparties. Focusing on the risk-return tradeoff ensures that we design a solution suitable to the needs of our investors.

  • Capital protection from 80-100%+
  • Spanning investment grade to high yield and senior to subordinated
  • Partnerships with globally recognised institutions
  • Innovative profit and risk sharing mechanisms

* Upon maturity of any structured product and subject to the credit risk of the underlying.

Attractive upside potential

Providing downside protection does not always have to come at the expense of upside potential. We specialise in building products that are designed to create asymmetric return profiles with access to:

  • A suite of high-performance underlying strategies
  • Target coupons ranging from 2-12%
  • Potential for additional upside
  • Ability to tailor payment profiles and offer bullet payment structures

Uncorrelated strategies

We provide access to a suite of high-performance underlying trading strategies designed to deliver our upside potential. We have a range of investment solutions including but not limited to:

  • Proven systematic trading algorithms
  • Proprietary alternative risk premia
  • Hedge fund financing solutions
  • Price action technical trading
  • Artificial intelligence enhancements

Variety of structures

We are aware of the need for flexibility of trading vehicle for the modern, sophisticated investor. Therefore, we offer a number of different structures for our investment solutions that are consistent with the underlying opportunities. Investors can access a broad range of vehicles including:

  • Structured products
  • Offshore investment vehicles
  • Segregated managed accounts
  • Customised offerings – based on eligible mandates

Diverse asset classes

We can provide investors access to diversifying return streams across a range of different asset classes. Though we are generally asset class agnostic we place a significant importance on the liquidity of the underlying and ability to trade systematically.

Tailored to liquidity preferences

Our products cover a range of investment horizons, cognisant of the fact that not all investors prefer an income on their portfolio. Some are offered on a rolling 12-month basis, designed to be used in a more opportunistic manner. Whilst others are built to suit longer-term investors, who are willing to be patient in order to extract a liquidity premium.