• 100% Capital Protection
  • 5-Year Horizon
  • Diversified Risk Premia
  • A2 Credit Rating

A combination of 100% capital protection issued by a globally recognised banking institution with a proprietary portfolio of alternative risk premia. The diverse set of strategies across multiple asset classes aims to provide a stable and long-term return offering.


  • Implicit capital protection
  • Rolling 12 months
  • Financing emerging managers
  • First loss payment profile

The strategy provides hedge fund financing alongside high-quality investment managers, providing scale and increasing their trading capital. Our novel structure ensures all losses are borne first by the managers with hard risk limits adding an additional layer of protection for investors. The strategy receives a share of any upside and levies a financing fee on the managers to ensure a steady return that is independent of the managers’ performance.


  • 100% capital protection
  • 2-3 year horizons
  • Directionally agnostic
  • Bbb-credit rating

A range of products that provide directionally agnostic exposure to a variety of underlying reference markets. Combining 100% capital protection, a minimum return in line with current risk-free rates and attractive additional upside potential linked to changes in the price of the underlying, irrespective of direction.